MPLIP Token Sale

Our token sale is an invite to you to join us in creating the bank of the future.

Our vision is to empower people and decentralize the banking system. It is only right that our token reflects this vision, and that’s why we are putting ownership of our technology into your hands.

To do this, we are tokenizing the entire intellectual property of our core banking system and selling 78% to the public as Mt Pelerin Intellectual Property, the MPLIP token. In return for raising the funds needed by the project, holders of the MPLIP token will receive the following rewards:

20% Net Profit Royalty Share

from Mt Pelerin's annual results.

100% Net Licensing Revenues

from other institutions using our core banking system.

Token Distribution

If the hard cap is not reached, total supply will be adjusted to the amount raised with distribution ratios remaining unchanged.

Funds Allocation

If the hard cap is not reached, capital and liquidity reserves will have higher proportions.

Token Sale FAQ

What is the MPLIP token?

Mt Pelerin's main asset is the innovative core banking system that it is building. We are tokenizing its intellectual property, and sell 78% of this IP to the public. This approach is in line with our vision of empowering stakeholders and decentralizing the system further, making it truly perennial. As this intellectual property is the very core of the token’s value, we have named it MPLIP.

How can I buy MPLIP?

Our ICO token sale is planned for Q3 2018, with a whitelist period prior to it. Exact dates will be announced soon (receive update).

How does it get its value?

This token will generate value to its owners in two ways. First, token holders will collect a 20% share from Mt Pelerin's annual net profit. Second, they will be entitled to net licensing fees collected from any other financial institution that wishes to replace its core banking system (e.g. Avaloq or Temenos) and use the one owned by MPLIP token holders.

How are the rewards paid?

Rewards will be paid annually, after the closure of each fiscal period. They will be distributed by smart contract to token owners in proportion to the amount of tokens held. Payout currency(ies) will be announced in due time.

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