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Mt Pelerin Banking on the Blockchain

The Rise of Legally Compliant Protocols

October 20th 2020

In April 2020, the Blockchain Research Institute released to its members a case study on Mt Pelerin, which dives into our vision and project to highlight the innovative value they could bring to the banking industry.

Today, the BRI has made the case study public and is now accessible to all on its website.

About the Blockchain Research Institute

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About the author

Gabriel Olivier Benjamin Jaccard is a PhD candidate at the University of Geneva. His thesis focuses on smart contracts under civil law. He earned a Bachelor of Law degree in Fribourg, a Master of Law degree in Zurich, and a certificate of transnational law in Geneva. Gabriel has worked for several law firms specializing in technologies. He participates actively in the development of the Swiss legal ecosystem regarding blockchain and has drafted several doctrine papers.