Building bridges for tomorrow's finance

Our mission is to bridge the crypto economy with traditional finance and to guide your journey into the new world of money.

Bridge Wallet

The ultimate app to bridge your bank account with Bitcoin and Ethereum assets. Buy and sell at the market rates with no cost, zero hidden fees and full control over your cryptoassets.

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Bridge Protocol

The financial revolution will be driven by digital securities: better, faster, cheaper and accessible to all. Bridge Protocol is the technology turning this vision into reality: an open source asset tokenization platform for the issuance and management of security tokens on public blockchains.


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Business services

Have a digital asset project? We are your one-stop shop of financial, compliance and technical services to get you started quickly and on the right foot.

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The future-proof account

We are working on the holy grail of banking: a full reserve account, where 100% of your deposits will be kept in the safe here in Switzerland. It will be natively global with multi-currency crypto-fiat IBANs, fully tokenized and connected to digital asset marketplaces.

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