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The easiest way to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum assets from your pocket with full control and fair, transparent exchange rates.

Buy cryptos by bank transfer

It's never been easier to buy Bitcoin, Ethers and stablecoins! Make one-time or recurring bank transfers in EUR, USD, CHF or GBP and get cryptos directly on the address of your choice.

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Withdraw your cryptos in 40+ fiat currencies

Sell your cryptocurrencies and get funds on your bank account in more than 40 fiat currencies, with a transparent exchange rate and zero hidden fees.

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Trade on Uniswap

Access and trade thousands of crypto assets straight from the wallet on Uniswap, DeFi's favorite decentralized liquidity pool protocol.

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One-tap access to DeFi

Use your favorite DeFi protocols and web Dapps from Bridge Wallet in a secure way, powered by WalletConnect.

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Trade on Bridge Order Book

Easily buy and sell assets straight from Bridge Wallet with its built-in, fully decentralized order book. Matching orders are directly executed by smart contract, and assets are instantly swapped between buyers and sellers.

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Manage your security tokens

Browse your shares, bonds and other digital assets issued on Bridge Protocol and manage from your wallet events such as shareholder votes, dividends and coupon payments.

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Your keys, your funds

Bridge Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, meaning that you are in full control of your funds, addresses and seed phrase.

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Made in Switzerland

Bridge Wallet is an app made by Mt Pelerin, a Swiss FinTech company established in Geneva. We are an authorized and audited financial intermediary serving thousands of customers since 2018.

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