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Shares tokenization

Bring your company on chain, enable 24/7 transfers and decentralized exchanges, automate your cap table and reach investors globally for your next funding rounds.

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What is share tokenization?

A share represents ownership in a company and the voting and dividend rights that come with it. Until today, this ownership was represented by a physical certificate or by an entry in a centralized ledger.

With tokenization, the blockchain becomes the ledger for your shares, by incorporating them into tokens.

Enter DeFi

A comprehensive decentralized market infrastructure is thriving on the blockchain. With our technology, you can enable your company's shares in this rich DeFi ecosystem while remaining compliant with your issuer obligations.

Mt Pelerin Easy Shares Transfer

Easy share transfers

Whether in case of sale, new shareholders, company structure modifications, employee rewards or inheritances, with tokenized shares transfers become as simple as a click and shares can be autonomously transferred 24/7 with virtually instant settlement.

Automated Cap Table Management

Automated cap table

Managing your company's capitalization table properly is a must to report equity ownership or calculate valuations.

With digital shares, your share registry lives on the blockchain. It means that it is not only fully secure and immutable, but it also updates itself in real-time.

In this way, you can easily see, track and report every share transfer in a few clicks.

Mt Pelerin Digital Corporate Actions

Simplified corporate actions

Managing events like dividend payments or shareholder voting is a hassle, but it doesn't have to be. By tokenizing shares on our platform, you can manage your corporate actions from a single dashboard. You can also interact with your shareholders remotely through our web and mobile interface to send them corporate updates, organize votings and manage dividend transactions.

Mobile app for your shareholders

Your investors can receive, store and trade their share-tokens with Bridge Wallet, the non-custodial mobile app we've developed for easy cryptoasset management.

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Bridge Wallet MPS token

Have both standard and tokenized shares

You don't have to go all-in on tokenization. You can incorporate one portion of you shares in tokens, and keep the rest in traditional form. We provide a unique service in the market to seamlessly switch between the two forms when needed:

Tokenized shares

  • Reach crowd investors
  • Tradable on decentralized exchanges
  • Instant share transfers

Standard shares
with Swiss ISIN

  • Accessible for institutional investors
  • Bankable on any bank account
  • Ready for stock exchanges

Tokenize multiple share classes

For a Swiss AG/SA/Ltd, we can create as many different tokenized shares as needed to represent different share classes and shareholder rights.

With our service, your company can create digital shares in the form of ERC-20 tokens that provide direct ownership to their holders in the sense of Swiss law. We support the following types of tokenized shares:

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Customize transferability

Digital shares issued on our platform can be programmed with custom rules dictating under which condition(s) a share can be transferred. Our Bridge technology automatically manages the enforcement of these rules.

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Ready to raise funds

With tokenized shares, you are ready to hold a private or public share offering in no time and start addressing your target investors around the globe.

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Multi chain

Bridge Protocol is blockchain agnostic and is live on multiple EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible networks. You can use to issue and manage tokenized shares on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and Gnosis.

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Mt Pelerin Liquidity Enabler

Enable liquidity

Investors in non-listed companies are typically locked in their investment for a long time. With tokenized shares, they can transfer their tokens at any time and resell their investment in OTC or on DEX platforms without having to wait for the company's exit.

Tested and approved

The legal framework that we use to tokenize shares is the blueprint that has been established by the Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA), which regroups industry experts to create standards for tokenized securities in Switzerland.

Mt Pelerin itself was the first demonstration of the association's process, when we tokenized our own company's shares in 2018. You can read more about that experience in this blog post.

We have worked for:

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Why Mt Pelerin

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FinTech expert

We are a team of seasoned professionals with a first-rate track record of compliance process design and IT engineering.

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Tokenization pioneer

We were the first company to tokenize shares in 2018 and we have developed since then a standardized process to bring securities on chain.

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All-in-one provider

We can provide all the technical, financial and compliance services required to successfully carry out your share tokenization project.

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Authorized financial intermediary

We provide regulated financial services since 2018 and have processed tens of thousands of clients and millions in transactions.

Authorized Swiss financial intermediary

Mt Pelerin is a fintech company established in Switzerland with offices in Geneva and Neuchâtel, and is an affiliated financial intermediary since 2018 with a first-rate track record in institutional-grade KYC / AML compliance and diligence.

We are affiliated with SO-FIT, a Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) officially recognised by Switzerland's Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).