Security Token Offerings

Mt Pelerin offers a full-scope service that can cover from A to Z, from token definition to deployment, legal setup, investor on-boarding with cutting-edge KYC/AML compliance technology and fiat escrow accounts to facilitate your primary market distribution.

The Smarter Way to Raise Funds

Is your business looking to raise funds? With a security token offering, you can benefit today from the methods reserved to large corporations and investment banks to raise funds from your investors or from the public easily, at a cost that you can afford and in full compliance with financial regulations.

Financial Services

Fiat Escrow Account Service

Fiat Escrow Account

As an authorized financial intermediary, we can collect all the contributions of your fundraising and deliver the final amount in a single transaction to your bank account accompanied with its compliance documentation.

Bank Account Opening Service

Bank* Account Opening

Thanks to our own experience and our privileged relationships in Geneva with our partners and their banks, we can assist blockchain companies in opening a Swiss bank account.

To do so, we can coach you in reviewing and formatting the compliance aspects of your business in a form that is acceptable for a bank.

The process starts with an assessment of your business and documentation from a banking standpoint. The results of this review will help you complete and format your application according to compliance regulations, to make the most out of the introductions Mt Pelerin will make for you.

Legal Services

KYC and AML Compliance Services

KYC / AML Compliance

Respecting regulations is critical. Use our field-proven systems and processes to comply with investor identification and anti money laundering regulations, according to your local jurisdiction.

Security Token Offering Legal Setup Service

Legal Setup

There's no need for you to invest in the legal expenses of structuring your token from scratch. Save your resources and step ahead with our document templates.

Tech Services


The Mt Pelerin interface is a single point of entry for investors to access multiple token sales without having to re-verify their identity each time.

For companies raising funds, this mobile and desktop interface not only simplifies the onboarding process of their investors, but can also expose their project to a larger crowd.

Ethereum Blockchain ERC20 Tokens

Token Sale

Mt Pelerin provides the technical expertise and platform to host a seamless token sale, from the configuration of your token to its distribution and the secure management of the keys.

Compliance-First Technology

Mt Pelerin has developed BRIDGE, one of the most advanced tokenization framework capable of bringing any type of financial instrument on chain while enforcing and managing compliance through their entire life cycle.

A powerful rules engine allows to fine-tune your token to fit any kind of external regulation or internal rules and even allows cross-token rule construction, for example to calculate daily/monthly transfer limits across all tokens.


Technical Setup

Option 1: Self-issuance token sale


Option 2: STO setup


Option 3: Option 2 + vault and key custody

+ $6,000

Finance & KYC/AML

Fiat escrow account

0.5% of fiat funds collected
$5,000 min. fee

Fiat currency exchange

Spot + 0.50% margin

KYC/AML compliance

$5 to $55 per identification
Price depends on KYC/AML thresholds

Bank account opening

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Legal Setup

Legal doc templates

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Legal doc support

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Mt Pelerin interface


White label interface

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Prices are indicative and may vary in actual quotation.