MPS token

The world first tokenized shares

With an MPS token, you become one of our shareholders and an owner of Mt Pelerin Group SA. Welcome to the era of tokenized shares!

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Shareholder benefit

Buy / sell crypto with 0% fees

Exchanging crypto and fiat currencies in Bridge Wallet is completely free, but only up to a certain limit. Hold MPS tokens to enjoy a much higher limit!

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Volume per year0-49 MPS50-499 MPS500+ MPS
Above $50,0000.9%0.7%0.5%

Shareholder rights


Attend our digital shareholders meetings and vote their agenda's items from your phone! One MPS token provides one vote.

2019 meeting recap


The MPS token provides a right to receive the dividends of Mt Pelerin Group SA, which are decided once a year during the shareholders meeting.

Exchange MPS tokens

The circulating MPS tokens can be transferred without restrictions. As a result they can be bought and sold on decentralized exchange platforms.

How to buy MPS tokens

The MPS tokens available on decentralized exchanges are not offered by Mt Pelerin Group SA. Furthermore, Mt Pelerin Group SA has no control over those platforms, notably over the price and quantities listed there.

Protected by Swiss law

The MPS token is an actual share of our company, not a derivative or a collateral-backed token. As a result, your shareholder rights are directly guaranteed and protected by Swiss law.

Live since 2018

The MPS token was created in October 2018 when we incorporated Mt Pelerin Group SA. We tokenized ourselves to demonstrate the capabilities of Bridge Protocol, our asset tokenization technology. We sold 5% of our shares in a public seed round, which has funded our growth up to this day.

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share transfers

About the MPS token

The MPS token is the incorporation of the registered shares of Mt Pelerin Group SA in the form of Ethereum tokens. Our shares also exist in a non-tokenized form, as shown below:

Tokenized shares

Percentage of share-capital90%
Circulating tokens500,000
Locked tokens8,500,000
Token tickerMPS
Token nameMt Pelerin Shares
Token typeERC-20

Standard shares

Percentage of share-capital10%
Number of shares1,000,000
Bloomberg1694205D SW Equity

Shares conversion

On request, your MPS tokens can be converted into bankable shares with a Swiss ISIN code, which can be deposited on a securities account at your bank.

It is also possible to acquire ISIN shares directly from us, please contact us for more information.

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Yes, it is a security token or simply said it is a share of the company Mt Pelerin Group SA. To be more specific, it is an asset token as defined in the guidelines published by FINMA, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority.

If you have bought MPS tokens, you need to register them with the company in order to activate your voting and dividend rights associated with their ownership.

To register MPS tokens, you need to identify in Bridge Wallet and have MPS tokens stored there or on a linked address.

Please note that we cannot accept shareholder registrations from persons from: Afghanistan, Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

No, if you are not interested in the MPS token's voting and dividend rights you don't need to register them.

No, you can store MPS tokens on any wallet you want, then link your storage address in Bridge Wallet.

No, a fraction of a share is not possible under Swiss law. Therefore, 1 MPS is the smallest possible unit of ownership in Mt Pelerin Group SA.

If your MPS tokens have been lost or stolen, contact us immediately.

The MPS token is the actual share of Mt Pelerin Group SA. Therefore, you should declare and report it in your tax return the same way as you would for the ownership of the shares of any other non-public company.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact your local tax administration.

Under Swiss law, any dividend must be proposed by the board of directors of Mt Pelerin Group SA and approved by a general meeting of the shareholders.

Any proposal by the board of directors to distribute a dividend, if any, will depend on different parameters notably the company's results of operations, financial condition, cash requirements and other relevant legal considerations (sufficient reserves).

Only the 500,000 MPS tokens sold in 2018 are freely transferable. The 95% remaining MPS tokens belong to our holding company, team and advisors. They are all locked and bound by shareholder agreements.

The main purpose of those 95% tokens is to conduct our second round of funding (not public). In this way, we commit to protect our crowd investors by raising funds through the holding company selling its own shares, not through the dilution of the circulating 500,000 MPS tokens.