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How to buy MPS

This tutorial shows you how to buy MPS tokens on decentralized exchanges on Ethereum or Gnosis Chain, and become a shareholder of Mt Pelerin.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Buy MPS on Gnosis Chain
  3. Buy MPS on Ethereum
  4. Step-by-step tutorial
  5. FAQ


The MPS token is the tokenized share of our company, with one token representing an actual share of Mt Pelerin Group SA. 10 million MPS tokens were issued in 2018, which represent 100% of our shares.

5% of them (500,000 MPS) were sold in our 2018 token sale to raise funds. The 5% are the only MPS tokens that can be freely transferred and exchanged, while the other 95% have remained locked since then.

We haven't sold any MPS tokens ourselves since 2018, which is why the only way to buy them today is through decentralized exchanges (DEX), where some token holders sell their own MPS.

In this tutorial, we guide you through the process of buying MPS tokens on one of those DEX. The same process apply to selling MPS tokens on those same DEX.

You will find more information about the MPS on our shareholders page.

Where to buy MPS on Gnosis Chain

Gnosis Chain is the preferred network to buy MPS tokens, simply because making transactions on that network costs a fraction of a cent, versus several (dozen) dollars on Ethereum.

Here is a list of the different decentralized exchange platforms that you can use to swap MPS tokens on Gnosis Chain:

  1. OpenOcean (recommended)
  2. Balancer
  3. Sushi
  4. 1inch
  5. DefiLlama
  6. Honeyswap

Where to buy MPS on Ethereum

Here is a list of the different decentralized exchange platforms that you can use to swap MPS tokens on Ethereum:

  1. OpenOcean (recommended)
  2. Uniswap

Step-by-step tutorial

  1. For this example, we will buy MPS tokens on OpenOcean. This tutorial is the same whether you buy MPS on Gnosis Chain or on Ethereum.
  2. Start by clicking on "Connect Wallet".
    OpenOcean - Gnosis Chain main screen
  3. Choose on of the available options and follow instructions to connect your wallet. To connect Bridge Wallet, choose "WalletConnect" and scan the QR code from the app in Settings > WalletConnect.
    OpenOcean - Gnosis Chain connect wallet
  4. Choose the cryptocurrency that you want to use to buy MPS tokens, then enter an amount until you get the round amount of MPS that you'd like to buy (the MPS is not divisible). Once done, click on "Swap Now".
    OpenOcean - Gnosis Chain swap
  5. Review the trade, and then click on "Confirm Order".
    OpenOcean - Gnosis Chain confirm swap
  6. Approve the swap request that has appeared in your wallet.
    OpenOcean - Gnosis Chain sign transaction
  7. Wait for the transaction to complete. You can see its status by clicking on "View Transaction in Explorer".
    OpenOcean - Gnosis Chain transaction sent

Identify (optional)

Identifying will allow you to register your MPS tokens, a necessary step to activate your shareholder's rights. It will also allow you to enjoy the benefits of holding MPS tokens, which you can discover here.

To identify, go in Bridge Wallet in Settings > My profile > Begin identification and follow the instructions, or use our web widget.

For more information on our identification process, please see our support page.


Is the MPS token divisible?

No, the MPS token is not divisible. Therefore, you can only swap a round amount of MPS on decentralized exchange platforms.

On which chains is the MPS token available?

The MPS token exists on the Ethereum and Gnosis Chain networks.

Is there any difference between MPS on Ethereum and Gnosis Chain?

No, MPS tokens on both chains are the same tokens with the same shareholder rights.

How many MPS do I need to become shareholder?

You only need 1 MPS to become shareholder. Please note that to activate your shareholder rights, you will need to verify your identity in our mobile app or on our web widget.

Why is the MPS price different between Ethereum and Gnosis Chain?

Decentralized exchanges work with pools, where users provide liquidity by depositing in a pool tokens for a given exchange pairs. The price of the pool is determined by a simple supply/demand equation: when more people buy the price goes up, when more people sell the price goes down.

Since the Ethereum and Gnosis Chain pools are different and independent from each other, the price can be different between both.

Can I buy MPS directly from Mt Pelerin?

No, we don't sell MPS tokens ourselves.

Why does the MPS price go down?

If the price of the MPS goes down, it means that more people are selling than buying.

Why does the MPS price go up?

If the price of the MPS goes up, it means that more people are buying than selling.

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