MPS Token Sale Round Up

January 08th 2019

On December 15th 2018, the MPS token sale closed on an extremely positive note as near 100% (99.6214% to be precise) of the 5% of the tokenized equity of Mt Pelerin Group SA on sale was gone.

Mt Pelerin Token Sale Progress Bar

That sale was the first time the shares of a company were incorporated into a token and sold without intermediary, which gave the public an unprecedented opportunity to access and afford private equity, a type of investment normally reserved to finance professionals.

During that first stage of the funding of Mt Pelerin, we have witnessed an incredible range of profiles among investors, with people coming from all over the world with ages ranging from 20 to 84 years old. This amazing diversity and cross-generational involvement is a strong signal that Mt Pelerin's message and ambition for the future hits home.

Once again, the whole team would like to thank every single contributor who has participated in this first chapter of Mt Pelerin's history for the invaluable support that it provides.

Mt Pelerin Token Sale Infographic

The blockchain being public and transparent, you can search and find most of the information on

Remaining MPS Tokens

The remaining 1,893 MPS tokens, representing a value of CHF 9,465, will be kept in standby for the time being and will most likely be used as initial liquidity for exchange trading once the MPS will be listed.

Exchange Listing

As you already know if you are familiar with Mt Pelerin, one of the objectives is to operate an exchange integrated into the marketplace ecosystem we are building. Before the relevant licenses and authorizations to do so are obtained, we will strive to list the MPS token on a third party exchange in order for you to have a professional and safe place to trade it. The possible options are currently being studied and explored, and more information will be provided in due time.

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MPS Token Unlock

As written in the token smart contract and in the share purchase agreement, the tokens sold will be unlocked on January 31st 2019 at 12:00 GMT+1. Until that date, the tokens are locked and cannot be transferred to another Ethereum address.

Once the MPS tokens will be unlocked they will be freely transferable by their owners, meaning you will be able to sell or buy tokens directly with anyone wishing to buy or sell some until the MPS token gets listed on an exchange.

Shareholder Registration

By the time the MPS token gets unlocked (January 31st 2019), a structure will be live for new shareholders to register and identify themselves with Mt Pelerin. Please remember shareholder registration and identification is not required to transfer and trade MPS tokens, but are mandatory to activate the associated shareholder rights (voting and dividend).

Roadmap Update

We will publish and present an update of Mt Pelerin's roadmap in the coming days, make sure to follow us on social media and to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when the update will be posted!