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Bridge Protocol is a free and open source platform to manage the issuance, distribution, transfers, compliance and corporate actions of digital securities on public blockchains.

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What is Bridge Protocol?

Bridge Protocol is a non-custodial layer 2 framework with an interface to manage on-chain assets that must comply with off-chain compliance rules.

Bridge Protocol architecture overview
Bridge Protocol security token issuance

Security token issuance

Setup and deploy on the blockchain of your choice a new security token in minutes. Re-use your previous deployements to minimize gas costs.

Quick token configuration

Create token lots

Schedule token sales

Bridge Protocol security token issuance
Bridge Protocol advanced compliance control

Advanced compliance control

Enforce compliance on-chain by attaching one or multiple rules to your token. They will define how it can or cannot be transferred.

Add or remove rules on the fly

Comply with multiple jurisdictions

Evolve with regulations

See the rule library
Bridge Protocol advanced compliance control
Bridge Protocol straight-through processing

Straight-through processing

Token transfers that are compliant with your rules are automatically approved without your intervention, sparing this way your precious human resources.

Bridge Protocol straight-through processing
Bridge Protocol management of non-compliant transfers

Management of non-compliant transfers

Bridge Protocol's processor automatically detects non-compliant token transfers and can block them in two ways:

  • Prevent the user to initiate the transfer while returning an error message.
  • Let the transfer leave the wallet, but put it on hold until your compliance staff can review the transaction and approve or reject it.
Bridge Protocol management of non-compliant transfers
Bridge Protocol multi-asset compliance

Multi-asset compliance

With Bridge Protocol, you manage a single user registry. Your compliance rules and limits are consolidated and enforced over all the tokens of a given investor. A price oracle lets you manage KYC/AML limits in the reference currency of your choice.

Bridge Protocol multi-asset compliance

Delegate KYC/AML compliance

With Bridge Protocol, you can choose the KYC/AML agents of your choice and give them access to your compliance registry. They can onboard your investors with their regular processes, then use Bridge Protocol to update on-chain KYC/AML limits and status. In this way, you can have different compliance providers for different jurisdictions.

Bridge Protocol delegate KYC/AML compliance
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Blockchain agnostic

Bridge Protocol is blockchain agnostic. It can be deployed on top of any EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchain. It is currently deployed and live on Ethereum and xDai, with Testnets available for Binance Chain and Matic.

Mt Pelerin’s Bridge Protocol is as open and decentralized as possible; as structured and flexible as needed. i.AM Innovation Lab was looking for a token standard that was closely aligned with the ideals of decentralization in the Ethereum ecosystem, while still allowing the flexibility to remain compliant with security token regulations.

The Bridge Protocol achieves this balance through the sophisticated implementation of familiar patterns like contract proxies and arbitrarily-configurable rules. The issuer is the ultimate decisionmaker in determining the nature of token-transfer compliance with local jurisdictions/regulatory regimes, and the token can adapt to compliance requirements should laws and regulations change in this fast-moving environment.

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John Orthwein

Head of Blockchain

i.AM Innovation Lab

Our asset tokenization services

Tokenized company

We can take care of establishing a purpose-built legal structure for your share, bond, fund or real estate tokenization project.

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We help you organize all the aspects of your security token offering, including legal documents and crypto/fiat escrow accounts.

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Investor KYC/AML

We have a long experience in the KYC/AML compliance of crypto and traditional clients. We can onboard them for you at a competitive price.

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Custom development

If you need extra functions for Bridge Protocol, we can develop custom rules and features to answer your exact needs.

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