Some of the assets issued on Bridge Protocol:

Mt Pelerin Bridge Asset Tokenization

Asset tokenization

With Bridge Protocol, replicate any type of financial instrument on the blockchain with an easily programable security token and a large choice of issuance and distribution parameters.

Case Study: Tokenized Equity
Mt Pelerin Bridge Asset Tokenization
Mt Pelerin Bridge Rules Engine Based Transferability Control

Rules engine based transfer control

Enforce highly refined on-chain compliance with rules defining how a security token can be transferred.

Rules can be edited and added as laws evolve, without having to modify the token's code itself.

Rules are monitored and enforced by a rules engine, one of Bridge's core features, over multiple dimensions: time, tokens and users.

With the rules engine, you can define a clear framework of compliant operation for your tokens.

Mt Pelerin Bridge Rules Engine Based Transferability Control
Mt Pelerin Bridge Straight-Through Processing

Straight-through processing

All the transactions that are within the framework of operation that you have defined are processed straight-through (without manual intervention), freeing your precious human resources.

Mt Pelerin Bridge Straight-Through Processing
Mt Pelerin Bridge Exceptions


When a transaction is out of the transferability limits that you have defined, it is blocked before being executed.

It triggers an exception that will require the intervention of your staff or your delegated compliance entity, who will be able to examine the transaction and approve or reject it.

Mt Pelerin Bridge Exceptions
Mt Pelerin Compliant Multi-Asset Trading

Compliant multi-asset operations

Bridge enforces a consolidated compliance over multiple assets and holders in real time, and can guarantee this way the smooth and compliant trading of security tokens.

This approach is vastly superior to per-token whitelists, which are insufficient to address regulatory requirements in a professional trading environment.

Mt Pelerin Bridge Compliant Multi-Asset Trading

Mt Pelerin’s Bridge Protocol is as open and decentralized as possible; as structured and flexible as needed. i.AM Innovation Lab was looking for a token standard that was closely aligned with the ideals of decentralization in the Ethereum ecosystem, while still allowing the flexibility to remain compliant with security token regulations.

The Bridge Protocol achieves this balance through the sophisticated implementation of familiar patterns like contract proxies and arbitrarily-configurable rules. The issuer is the ultimate decisionmaker in determining the nature of token-transfer compliance with local jurisdictions/regulatory regimes, and the token can adapt to compliance requirements should laws and regulations change in this fast-moving environment.

John Orthwein profile photo

John Orthwein

Head of Blockchain

i.AM Innovation Lab

Mt Pelerin Blockchain Agnostic Platform

Blockchain agnostic

One blockchain might be more appropriate than another for a specific application, and the right choice can change over time.

Bridge is blockchain agnostic. It can be deployed on top of any EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchain.

On the longer run, Mt Pelerin's objective is to bring the ecosystem to full cross-blockchain capabilities.

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Open source

Bridge is a free software available under the AGPL-3.0 licence.

You are free to modify and/or redistribute it, as long as you disclose the source code of your own applications. For more information, please consult the copyright.

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Audited by ChainSecurity

A comprehensive security audit of the Bridge Protocol smart contracts was performed by Swiss expert ChainSecurity, a PwC company. The audit consisted of scanning the code for generic vulnerabilities using state-of-the-art tools and a thorough manual review of the contracts to ensure compliance with the latest security standards and best practices.

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Our expertise

Advanced technical implementation

Mt Pelerin has the finest technology to structure, issue and manage tokenized securities designed for your business needs.

Business and compliance definition

With a unique background covering business, finance and regulation, Mt Pelerin can manage the end-to-end definition of your tokenization project.

Legal structure

We can help prepare and establish the right legal structures for your tokenization project, such as SPV/SPE and feeders.

Legal framework

We can assist your organization in the design of the optimal legal framework for the primary and secondary markets of your tokenized securities.

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