Bridge Wallet Closed Beta Test

January 14th 2020

Bridge Wallet

The Wallet for Digital Securities

First announced in Mt Pelerin's white paper, the wallet is finally getting ready for public release!

More than a crypto wallet, it is first and foremost a tool designed to interact with digital securities.

Here are the main things you'll be able to do with Bridge Wallet:

  • Access an existing Ethereum address or create a new one (non-custodial)
  • Send and receive Ethers and any other ERC20 token
  • Add and withdraw CHF, EUR and other fiat currencies
  • Browse, buy and manage digital assets issued on Bridge
  • Manage events of Bridge assets such as shareholder voting, dividend payout, etc.
  • Create and manage a single KYC profile for all your Bridge assets
  • Link multiple Ethereum addresses to that profile
  • Buy and sell assets straight from your wallet: no concept of deposit/withdrawals but allowances given to the smart contract, with direct P2P swaps taking place upon match

Before officially launching it, we would like to invite you to participate in a closed beta phase where you will be able to test all the features that we have developed and provide your feedback.

Join the Closed Beta Test

To make this testing phase as efficient as possible, we will keep the number of participants to a maximum of 20.

First come first served!

Register to Closed Beta:

Registrations are closed, thank you for your participation!

Once we have our 20 beta testers we will send you an invitation to download the test version of the app on your mobile phone. An Ethereum address will automatically be generated for you, on which we will load testnet ETH and tokens for you to try all the wallet's features.

Submit Your Feedback

All feedback is to be submitted on the dedicated thread.

We need active testers who will leave no stone unturned and make a thorough report of their experience, so if you join the closed beta make sure to have the time to do so!