Introducing crypto swaps

Swap cryptocurrencies with each other and across 11 different chains with low fees and transparent prices, using any of your wallets.

June 14th 2023

Until now you have been able to buy and cash out crypto with us, today we're happy to announce that you can now also exchange our supported cryptocurrencies with each other and across the 11 different blockchains that we support!

For instance, this will allow you to:

  • Swap Bitcoin with Lightning sats
  • Swap Bitcoin with stablecoins
  • Swap ETH with MATIC
  • Etc.

The service works just like what you are used to: send us a crypto, and we'll deliver on one of your wallets your funds converted in the desired crypto on the network of your choice.

If you find decentralized exchanges and bridges too daunting to use but don't want to deposit funds on a custodial exchange to trade, this should be the perfect alternative for you!


We charge a 0.5% commission on swaps, which can be reduced down to 0.1% if you hold MPS tokens (1 MPS reduces fees by -0.004%).

Swaps also count in the CHF500 annual fee-free volume, which can also be increased with MPS (1 MPS gives +100 of free volume).

Delivery time

The delivery speed can take anywhere between minutes to hours, depending on network and liquidity conditions. In all cases, we deliver your funds on a best effort basis.


The swap service can be used without having to verify your identity with us up to CHF1,000 per day, CHF15,000 per month and CHF100,000 per year (or equivalent). You can lift these limits if you choose to identify.