Introducing L2 to Bridge Wallet

Introducing L2 Ethereum to Bridge Wallet

December 23rd 2021

Arbitrum logo
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To end this year with a bang, we're super thrilled to announce the launch of Ethereum layer 2 rollups Arbitrum and Optimism in Bridge Wallet!

Unlike sidechains such as BNB Chain or Polygon, L2 networks enable faster and low cost transactions without compromising on the security and decentralization features of Ethereum.

In other words, they let you enjoy the full experience of the Ethereum ecosystem without having to worry about gas costs anymore!

If you'd like to know more about what L2 rollups are, we invite you to have a look at the Ethereum website.

The options to buy and sell ETH and USDC by bank transfer are activated in Bridge Wallet on both networks, and you can swap them for other assets through Uniswap from the app.


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We have also added the support of the Avalanche and Fantom networks in Bridge Wallet. You can now invest and cash out funds directly to / from those networks by bank transfer for AVAX, FTM and USDC.

Happy discovery of those two new ecosystems and make sure to update your app!