Mt Pelerin Partners with Fusion to Power Blockchain-based Banking Ecosystem

May 14th 2019

Mt Pelerin, the Swiss blockchain banking fintech company, today announced a partnership with Fusion Foundation, the non-profit organization building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance, to enrich Mt Pelerin's compliant security tokenization ecosystem.

Mt Pelerin, which gets its name from the Mont Pèlerin Society, a group of economists and intellectuals advocating for economic and political freedom, introduced its open source framework in 2018 for the fully compliant issuance and management of tokenized securities. Currently working on a Swiss banking license application, Mt Pelerin expects to roll out a fully regulated tokenized bank with integrated payment, banking and trading features by 2020.

Like Fusion, Mt Pelerin embraces an open and inclusive approach to expanding the possibilities for global cryptofinance. For Mt Pelerin, it is therefore a logical complementary move to add Fusion’s groundbreaking blockchain protocol to its ecosystem, including its Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM) technology and novel approach to Time-locking and Quantum Swapping. This partnership will increase digital asset accessibility and enrich Mt Pelerin's next generation tokenized banking platform.

“Arnaud and his team are on an important mission to accelerate the evolution of the banking industry by bridging the crypto economy with traditional finance,” said Dejun Qian, Founder and CEO of Fusion Foundation. “We look forward to collaborating with Mt Pelerin to provide both technological support and access to our growing ecosystem of partners, including banks and governments, to support their efforts.”

Today, traditional banks are highly undifferentiated in terms of what products are available to the market, and tend to neglect smaller customers. With its radically new business model, Mt Pelerin seeks to offer a vastly more accessible suite of products and services for all. Fusion’s protocol has been specifically designed to enable blockchain-based finance, making it the perfect fit for a forward-thinking innovator like Mt Pelerin.

“The unique interoperability of Fusion’s core functionality is of great interest for the tokenized banking ecosystem that we are building at Mt Pelerin,” said Arnaud Salomon, CEO and Founder of Mt Pelerin. “By democratizing complex financial products and services in a simple, transparent and cost-efficient way, we look forward to working with Fusion to shape the future of how the world banks.”