Taking our service to the next level

March 1st 2022

We're excited to launch today our cryptocurrency buy and sell service as a standalone product, together with some major upgrades!

On & off ramp widget

Add Mt Pelerin to your project in minutes

Starting today, any other project can use our crypto-fiat exchange service to facilitate the crypto onboarding experience of their users on their own website or mobile app with just a few lines of code! Try this new widget right here:

This new interface can be freely added through different integration modes and can be customized with 10+ parameters. No KYB or registration required!

Buy and sell crypto on web

Of course, we now use it ourselves and going through Bridge Wallet isn't required anymore to buy and cash out cryptocurrencies with us. You can now do so directly on our website without having to download the app if you don't want to:

A new advantage of this web interface is that you can now sell and cash out cryptocurrencies directly from another wallet, you don't need to transfer them first on Bridge Wallet anymore.

To enjoy the reduced fees coming with your MPS tokens with this web interface, you will simply need to authenticate with your phone number via the icon on the top right.

Introducing KYC-less transactions

Thanks to some recent updates in the Swiss KYC/AML regulation that we have now implemented, passing KYC isn't required anymore with us to buy and sell cryptocurrencies by bank transfer below the following thresholds:

CHF 1,000per day
CHF 15,000per month
CHF 100,000per year

Users wishing to transfer funds above these limits will still be able to do so by passing their KYC.

If you have already identified with us, these thresholds don't apply to you. Please note that KYC-less transactions are only available on web for now and will be implemented in Bridge Wallet shortly in an upcoming app version.

Buy crypto by card, Google Pay or Apple Pay

We're also thrilled to launch today card purchases with one of the lowest fees on the market! You can now buy crypto instantly with fees starting as low as 1.5%, which is more than 1% cheaper than the average fee of other platforms!

Just like for transactions by bank transfer, holders of MPS tokens will enjoy reduced fees for card purchases:

Volume per year0-49 MPS50-499 MPS500+ MPS

For the time being, we will only accept purchases from cards issued in Europe and won't accept cards issued to companies. An initial limit of CHF 200 per transaction (or equivalent) is applied, which may be raised in the future.

Unlike bank transfer transactions, passing KYC will be required to buy crypto by card. Please note that card purchases are only available on web for now and will be implemented in Bridge Wallet shortly in an upcoming app version.

New on-ramp currencies

We have opened new bank accounts in AUD, DKK, HKD, JPY, NOK, NZD, SEK and ZAR! You can now buy and cash out crypto by bank transfer in those fiat currencies at our 0%-1.3% pricing instead of 2.8%-3.8% previously.

Please note that purchases and cash outs in those new currencies are subject to international SWIFT transfer fees, more info on our pricing page.