How to cancel a pending Ethereum transaction image

How to cancel a pending Ethereum transaction

You have sent tokens to another Ethereum address or initiated a withdrawal by bank transfer, but your transaction has been pending for too long? Here's how you can cancel it with Bridge Wallet.

1: Go to the Ether screen

Open Bridge Wallet and go to the Ether (ETH) screen. You must use Ether even if you want to cancel the transaction of another ERC20 token (USDT, USDC, etc.).

Bridge Wallet Dashboard

2: Make a new transfer

Basically, you are going to make a transaction to yourself, with a higher gas price.

To do so, click the "Send" button.

Bridge Wallet Ether Screen

3: Send some ETH to yourself

Fill the transaction as follows:

  • Amount: You can put any amount you want here, you are sending it to yourself. For this example, we send ETH 0.000001.
  • Address: Your own Bridge Wallet address. You can copy it from the app's "Addresses" tab.

Open the "Advanced" menu and enter the following parameters:

  • Gas price: Put a gas price that is higher than the price of the stuck transaction, and sufficiently high to go through (the "Average" or "High" number shown here).
  • Gas limit: Leave the default value.
  • Nonce: Put the nonce of the transaction that you would like to cancel. To find that number, go on the stuck transaction's Etherscan page (you can click on the transaction in Bridge Wallet's "Activity" tab, then on "View on explorer"), click on "Click to see More", then copy the number under "Nonce".
  • Data: Leave empty.

Click "Send".

Bridge Wallet Send Screen

4: That's it!

Once that new transaction will have gone through (you can check its status in your Activity tab), your previous stuck transaction will be cancelled.

You can then proceed to re-send your initial transaction that got stuck in the first place (if you want to), with an adjusted gas price if needed.

Bridge Wallet transaction screen

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