How to turn any Swiss Post office into a crypto ATM

Forget traditional crypto ATMs and their insane fees! In this tutorial we show you how to buy Bitcoin and 30+ other cryptocurrencies in cash, with fees from 0% to 1.3% at any Swiss Post office!

1: Download Bridge Wallet

Bridge Wallet is the self-custodial mobile app that we've made to easily invest in crypto and manage them from your phone.

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2: Create a new wallet

Create a new wallet, or restore an existing one if you prefer to. If you need help on the creation of a wallet, we have made a step-by-step guide here.

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3: Register

Go in Settings > My profile > Register, and choose the "Signature" authentication mode. You will also need to provide an email address where you will receive notifications about your purchases.

Registering allows to buy crypto in cash without having to verify your identity up to CHF1,000 per month and CHF12,000 per year.

To buy above these limits, you can verify your identity. For more info, please see our support page.

Bridge Wallet register screenshot

4: Choose a crypto

The cryptocurrencies available to buy are all displayed by default in Bridge Wallet. You can also see the full list of what we support on this page.

Please note that we have different cryptocurrencies available on different blockchains. To switch chain, use the network menu on the upper left of the screen.

Bridge Wallet cryptoasset screenshot

5: Choose the purchase method

Click the "Buy" button and choose "Buy by bank transfer".

Bridge Wallet BTC screenshot

6: Choose your purchase currency and receiving address

Select CHF as the purchase currency, and you will see our all-inclusive exchange rate.

By default, your receiving address is your Bridge Wallet address. You can also receive your crypto directly on another wallet address belonging to you. To do so, you will need to link it first to your profile, here is how to do it.

Bridge Wallet buy BTC by bank transfer screenshot

7: Swiss QR bill

Scroll down and click on the "Swiss QR bill" button. It will generate a PDF file that you will need to print.

Bridge Wallet buy BTC by bank transfer details screenshot

8: Pay the bill

Go to any Swiss Post office, present the printed QR-bill at the counter and pay it. That's it!

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As soon as we receive your payment (within 24 business hours), we'll convert your funds into the chosen crypto then deliver it on your wallet.

You will receive an email notification as soon as we receive your payment, and a second one as soon as your crypto will have been sent to your wallet.

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