Introducing zero fees crypto-fiat exchange

April 21st 2021

As you probably know, we are strongly committed to make Bridge Wallet the absolutely best app to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Today, we take a giant leap toward that goal by making it completely free! By that, we mean:

  • The actual market prices, no costs hidden in the exchange rate
  • 0% margin (1.5% before) in EUR/CHF/GBP/USD
  • No transaction fees when buying

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The MPS benefit

You have asked for one, we have listened! Free crypto-fiat exchange is available to anyone up to $500/year, above which we charge a small degressive margin.

That limit can be raised to $5,000/year by holding 50 MPS, or $50,000/year by holding 500 MPS!

To be valid, you simply need to hold your MPS on any address that is registered with us.

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How to buy MPS tokens >

How it compares to centralized exchanges

This new pricing means that from now on, you enjoy with Bridge Wallet on par or even cheaper prices than you would get yourself on a centralized exchange, while being twice simpler and non-custodial!

How you buy crypto with an exchange

  1. You transfer money to the exchange (if your bank allows it)
  2. You login to that exchange
  3. You make the trade yourself
  4. You withdraw crypto to your own wallet

How you buy crypto with Bridge Wallet

  1. You make a bank transfer
  2. You get crypto on the wallet of your choice

It's as simple as that!

We hope you will enjoy this major Bridge Wallet update! Don't forget to forward this news to anyone who might be interested in 0% crypto :)