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We're now live on Base and zkSync

Buy ETH and USDC on Base and zkSync Era, swap or bridge them with other crypto, cash out funds directly from these two Layer-2 networks.

Clock icon2 minutes|Yann Gerardi|Published 2024-01-26

We're happy to announce that our exchange service is now available on the Ethereum layer 2 networks Base and zkSync Era!

You can now buy, swap and cash out ETH or USDC directly on these two new chains using any of your wallets, and you can of course bridge them with any other crypto that we support!

You will of course find Base and zkSync in our mobile app Bridge Wallet as well!

What is Base?

Launched in August 2023, Base is a layer 2 of Ethereum created and developed by the crypto exchange platform Coinbase, which plans to run more and more of its products and services on it.

What is zkSync?

Also launched in 2023, zkSync is the first live layer 2 network to use ZK Rollups, a technology deemed by many to be the best to scale Ethereum for the future.

What is a Layer 2?

A Layer 2 (L2) is a network built on top of a base blockchain (a Layer 1, like Ethereum) that uses specific technologies to extend its capabilities, usually with cheaper and faster transactions.

Also new in our service

We have also added support in our service for the following crypto-assets:

  • Arbitrum: USDT, WBTC
  • Optimism: USDT, WBTC
  • Polygon: XCHF
  • Tezos: tzBTC, USDT

📱 Bridge Wallet v1.36

A new version of our mobile app is now available on Google Play and on the App Store.

It corrects various bugs (WalletConnect, QR-bills and others), but also hides transactions in your activity log that the app detects as scam/spam transactions.

Those are important, so make sure to update your app!

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