How to buy Bitcoin

This tutorial shows you how to use Bridge Wallet to purchase Bitcoin and receive BTC directly on one of your wallet addresses.

1: Download Bridge Wallet

Bridge Wallet is a free mobile app to easily invest in Bitcoin and manage them from your phone. Enter your number and get an SMS with the link to download Bridge Wallet:

2: Create a new wallet

Launch the app, create a new password, choose "Create a new wallet" and follow the instructions. The wallet creation is explained in more detail in this tutorial.

Create a new wallet image

3: Choose Bitcoin (BTC)

Switch to the Bitcoin network by using the menu on the top left of the screen or in the app's Settings, then choose Bitcoin.

Bridge Wallet Bitcoin screen

4: Choose a purchase method

Click the "Buy" button and choose one of the available purchase methods.

Bridge Wallet BTC screen

5: Choose your purchase currency and receiving address

You can buy BTC with 14 different currencies. Choose one of them to see our live all-inclusive exchange rate.

By default, your receiving address is your Bridge Wallet address. You can also directly receive your BTC on another wallet address belonging to you. To do so, you will need to link it first in Bridge Wallet (here is how to do it).

Bridge Wallet buy Bitcoin by bank transfer screen

6: Make your payment

By bank transfer

Use the information displayed on your screen to transfer the desired amount from your bank account.

Make sure to include your unique purchase reference in the communication / reference / reason field of your bank transfer.

Your bank transfer coordinates don't change for a given combination of purchase currency, cryptocurrency and receiving address. You can therefore use them to make recurring transfers and automate your Bitcoin investments!

By card

Enter your card details, then confirm to proceed to the payment.

Bridge Wallet buy Bitcoin by bank transfer details screen

7: That's it!

We'll convert your funds in BTC as soon as we receive your payment, and deliver them on the indicated wallet address (free of transaction costs).

The table below shows the time it usually takes for a bank transfer to reach us if you send it from:

Switzerland0-1 business day
Europe1-2 business days
Rest of the world1-5 business days

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