How to sell cryptocurrency
in the UK

This guide shows you how to use Bridge Wallet to sell cryptocurrency and withdraw funds in GBP on your bank account in the UK.

1: Download Bridge Wallet

Bridge Wallet is a free mobile app to easily invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum assets and manage them from your phone. Enter your number and get an SMS with the link to download Bridge Wallet:

2: Create a new wallet

Create a new wallet, or restore an existing one if you prefer to. If this is your first time creating a wallet, we have made a step-by-step guide here.

Create a new wallet image

3: Identify

In order to cash out cryptocurrencies with Bridge Wallet, you will first need to identify. To do so, go in Settings > My profile > Begin identification and follow the instructions.

You will find more information about our identification process on our FAQ.

4: Transfer crypto to your address

Go to the screen of the cryptocurrency that you want to sell, click "Receive" and transfer crypto to that address. You can cash out different cryptocurrencies from different networks, to switch network use the network icon on the upper left of the screen. You can see the list of cryptocurrencies available for cash outs on this page.

Bridge Wallet being a non-custodial app, please note that you will need to cover network costs to cash out your cryptocurrency. More info about that here.

Bridge Wallet receive screen

5: Choose a withdrawal method

Click the "Sell" button and choose "Sell by bank transfer".

Card withdrawals are coming soon, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Telegram announcement channel to be informed when they are available!

Bridge Wallet USDT screen

6: Choose GBP

Choose GBP as the output fiat currency and you will see our live, all-inclusive exchange rate. Click "Next" to continue.

Bridge Wallet sell USDT by bank transfer screen

7: Enter your bank account details

Enter the coordinates of the bank account on which you want to receive your funds. You can find more info about supported bank accounts here.

Bridge Wallet sell USDT by bank transfer details screen

8: Confirm

Once you click the "Send & sell" button, your cryptocurrency will be withdrawn from your wallet. We will convert it in GBP as soon as we receive it (within seconds or minutes, depending on the network), then transfer funds to your bank account. You will receive a confirmation email with the detail of your transaction as soon as your bank transfer will have been sent.

Bank transfer usually take 1 to 2 business days to arrive on your bank account.

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