How to buy Bitcoin in Switzerland

This guide lists all the different places where you can buy Bitcoin in Switzerland, compares their respective costs and features, and helps you choose the best one for you!

Updated on 31 March 2023

Comparison of the Bitcoin providers based in Switzerland

The info presented in the table below is based on information that is publicly available online. Fees are the one available without requiring additional purchases.

ProviderFee for CHF 100SpreadMin. buyMax. buyTypeKYC required
Mt Pelerin Logo0.00%<0.05%CHF 1-non-custodialno
Swissborg Logo1.00%<0.05%CHF 5CHF 120,000custodialyes
Swissquote Logo1.00%<0.05%CHF 25-custodialyes
Yuh Logo1.00%<0.10%--custodialyes
Bity Logo~1.00%<1.00%CHF 10-non-custodialno
Bitcoin Suisse Logo1.25%<0.05%CHF 200-custodialyes
Bittr Logo1.50%<1.00%CHF 30CHF 1,000non-custodialno
Peach Bitcoin Logo2.00%Set by the seller (up to 21%)CHF 10CHF 1,000P2Pno
Relai Logo2.50%<1.00%CHF 10CHF 1,000non-custodialno
BitC Logo5.00%<0.5%CHF 50CHF 1,000ATMno
SBB Logo6.00%?CHF 100CHF 500ATMno
Värdex Logo7.00%-9.00%?CHF 50CHF 1,000ATMno
Bity Logo8.00%<1.00%CHF 50CHF 1,000ATMno
Cryptonow Logo10.00%?CHF 50CHF 500voucher cardno

What is the spread?

The spread is basically the difference between the average market rate at which Bitcoin is traded on major exchange platforms (such as Coinbase, Binance or Kraken) and the exchange rate offered by a provider to buy BTC. That difference is usually explained by the provider's capacity to execute transactions on the markets, but it can also indicate the presence of hidden fees through a bad exchange rate.

What does custodial vs non-custodial mean?

A custodial service means that when you buy Bitcoin through it, you don't actually own BTC directly. The provider holds it for you and your Bitcoin is in custody. You can usually withdraw it on your own wallet, but it often comes with fees and limitations. With a non-custodial service, you buy Bitcoin and receive it directly on a wallet that you own with full control over its secret phrase.

How to buy Bitcoin illustration
Swiss Post crypto ATM illustration

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