How to buy MPS tokens

This guide shows you how to use Bridge Wallet to purchase MPS tokens on Uniswap and become a shareholder of Mt Pelerin.

1: Download Bridge Wallet

Bridge Wallet is a free mobile app to easily invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum assets and manage them from your phone.

Enter your number and get an SMS with the link to download Bridge Wallet:

2: Create a new wallet

Create a new wallet, or restore an existing one if you prefer to. If you need help on the creation of a wallet, we have made a step-by-step guide here.

Create a new wallet image

3: Get Ethers (ETH)

In order to buy MPS tokens, you will first need to get Ethers (ETH). You can send some from another wallet, or buy ETH by bank transfer from the Ether screen.

Bridge Wallet cryptoasset screen

4: Go on the MPS screen

Then click the "Buy" button and choose "Buy on Uniswap".

Bridge Wallet MPS screen

5: Enter the desired amount

You can enter how many MPS you'd like to buy or how much ETH you'd like to spend.

When you have reviewed all the information shown on the screen, click "Swap" and wait for the transaction to go through (it can take several minutes).

Bridge Wallet Uniswap screen

6: Identify

Identifying will allow you to register your MPS tokens, a necessary step to activate your shareholder's rights. It will also allow you to enjoy the benefits of holding MPS tokens, which you can discover here.

To identify, go in Settings > My profile > Begin identification and follow the instructions.

For more information on our identification process, please see our FAQ page.

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