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Lightning FAQ

Find below the answers to the most common questions about Bitcoin Lightning sats. When available, we give you links to in-depth articles for further reading.

A sat, short for "satoshi", is the smallest unit of a bitcoin, just like a cent is the smallest unit of a dollar. A bitcoin and a sat are therefore different units of the same thing. Because the Lightning network is made for micro-transactions, we use sats as the unit of account instead of BTC.

Right now, 1 Lightning sat is worth ¥.

Right now, 1 Japanese yen is equal to sat.

Lightning is a Layer 2 technology that allows to make bitcoin transactions off the main Bitcoin blockchain, enabling cheaper and faster transactions. Transactions can then be recorded in bulk on the main blockchain, saving this way precious network resources.

The Lightning network works with channels, which are individual payment routes opened between users. Sending and receiving funds within a channel is free and instant. Users can make transactions with other users with whom they don't have a direct channel, as the network takes care of relaying the transaction across multiple channels until it reaches its recipient. Balances are only updated on the main Bitcoin chain when a channel is opened or closed by its participants.

The Bitcoin network is a blockchain, with each transaction being verified by Bitcoin miners and recorded on the Bitcoin ledger. Transactions on Lightning are processed off-chain for speed and efficiency, and are only recorded on the main Bitcoin blockchain in bulk when Lightning channels are opened or closed.

No, you cannot send Lightning sats to a mainnet Bitcoin address directly. You must first close your Lightning channel to retrieve your mainnet BTC, or use our sats to BTC swap service.

No, you cannot send Bitcoin to a Lightning address directly. You must first open a Lightning channel and lock your BTC inside, or use our BTC to sats swap service.

A Lightning address (LNAddress) is an open source standard that uses the same format as email addresses to simplify sending and receiving Lightning sats.

LNURL is a protocol to create more advanced transactions than simple Lightning invoices. It usually looks like a QR code that you can scan to pay for something in sats, or a QR code that you can scan to withdraw sats from.

Making transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain is a highly secure, but it is slow and expensive which makes unsuitable for microtransactions. Lightning solves this problem by enabling instant and virtually free Bitcoin transactions.

There are no addresses on Lightning in the same way as there are wallet addresses on Bitcoin and other blockchains. Lightning transactions are made by generating and paying invoices, which contain the data required to carry out the transaction. Standards like LNAddress have been created on top of the invoice system to enable more user-friendly transactions, using email-like recipient addresses.

An invoice is the basic way to make a transaction on the Lightning network. It is generated by users as a string or QR code, which contains the data required to carry out a transaction.

A sat is the smallest unit of a bitcoin, and there are a hundred million sats in a BTC. The sat price is therefore equal to Bitcoin's price divided by 100,000,000.

You never store a sat in itself. Instead, you store the private key giving you access and control over a Lightning address. That key is stored in a wallet, which provides an interface to use it. To learn more, read our in-depth guide on storing crypto assets.

To send sats, you use a Lightning wallet like Bridge Wallet where you will choose the amount to send and the destination address. Confirm and send, that's it!

You can buy Lightning sats with us here from Japan by sending us bank transfers in JPY, avoiding that way unnecessary currency exchange fees. For more information, have a look at our step-by-step tutorial on how to buy Lightning sats.

You can swap Lightning sats here against one of the cryptocurrencies that we support, using any self-custodial Lightning sat wallet. For more information, have a look at our step-by-step tutorial on how to swap Lightning sats.

To cash out Lightning sat with us, you simply need to transfer your crypto to our address. We'll convert your sat in JPY, then transfer the funds to your bank account in Japan. For more information, have a look at our step-by-step tutorial on how to sell Lightning sats.

sat-JPY conversion table

sat iconsatJPY iconJapanese Yen
1 sat=
50 sat=
100 sat=
1,000 sat=
5,000 sat=
10,000 sat=
50,000 sat=
100,000 sat=
1,000,000 sat=
10,000,000 sat=
100,000,000 sat=
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