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19 Mar 2020


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Find below the answers to the most common questions about tzBTC. When available, we give you links to in-depth articles for further reading.

The tzBTC is a token on the Tezos blockchain that is backed at a 1:1 ratio by actual bitcoins held and managed by a group of companies, of which Mt Pelerin is a keyholder. The tzBTC allows Tezos users to trade and get exposed to the price of Bitcoin while enjoying the network's features and ecosystem.

Right now, 1 tzBTC is worth S$ .

Right now, 1 Singapore dollar is equal to tzBTC.

Tezos is a Proof of Stake blockchain network featuring on-chain governance and self-amendment mechanisms. It was first conceptualized in a 2014 white paper, then launched in 2018 after a $232 million ICO in 2017.

You can convert and exchange tzBTC with actual Bitcoin using our swap service, with any of your self-custodial wallets.

Each tzBTC token is backed by an actual Bitcoin held by a consortium of gatekeeping companies. Members, audits and custody addresses can be seen on This system makes it quite safe, but being centralized tzBTC will never be as safe as Bitcoin, which is truly decentralized.

tzBTC tokens are minted when users deposit actual bitcoins with gatekeepers. Each tzBTC therefore corresponds to a BTC and follows the same price.

You never store tzBTC in itself. Instead, you store the private key giving you access and control over a wallet address that contains tzBTC. That key is stored in a wallet, which provides an interface to use it. To learn more, read our in-depth guide on storing crypto assets.

To send tzBTC, you use a crypto wallet like Bridge Wallet where you will choose the amount to send and the destination address. Confirm and send, that's it!

You can buy tzBTC with us here from Singapore by sending us bank transfers in SGD, avoiding that way unnecessary currency exchange fees. For more information, have a look at our step-by-step tutorial on how to buy tzBTC.

You can swap tzBTC here against one of the cryptocurrencies that we support, using any self-custodial tzBTC wallet. For more information, have a look at our step-by-step tutorial on how to swap tzBTC.

To cash out tzBTC with us, you simply need to transfer your crypto to our address. We'll convert your tzBTC in SGD, then transfer the funds to your bank account in Singapore. For more information, have a look at our step-by-step tutorial on how to sell tzBTC.

tzBTC-SGD conversion table

tzBTC icontzBTCSGD iconSingapore dollar
1 tzBTC=
0.5 tzBTC=
0.1 tzBTC=
0.05 tzBTC=
0.01 tzBTC=
0.005 tzBTC=
0.001 tzBTC=
0.0005 tzBTC=
0.0001 tzBTC=
0.00005 tzBTC=
0.00001 tzBTC=
SGD iconSingapore dollartzBTC icontzBTC
S$ 1 SGD=
S$ 5 SGD=
S$ 10 SGD=
S$ 15 SGD=
S$ 25 SGD=
S$ 50 SGD=
S$ 100 SGD=
S$ 1,000 SGD=
S$ 10,000 SGD=
S$ 100,000 SGD=
S$ 1,000,000 SGD=

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