2021 in review

January 7th 2022

We hope that you had a great holiday season and a nice new year celebration!

For us at Mt Pelerin, 2022 is off to a flying start with some very nice numbers. We have reached almost simultaneously this week:

  • 10,000 Twitter followers
  • 30,000 downloads of Bridge Wallet
  • 6,000,000 of jFiat stablecoins processed

To celebrate those achievements and to thank you all, we have teamed up with our partner Jarvis Network for a giveaway to win 10 x 100 jEUR. Head over to our Twitter profile to participate:

We also wanted to the take this opportunity to share with you a recap of the main things that happened at Mt Pelerin last year, as well as a quick word on the road ahead. Let's jump right in!

A unique pricing

The reason for those excellent numbers is certainly no stranger to the pricing we've adopted last April, which basically made our service to buy and cash out cryptocurrencies completely free below CHF 500.

This meant the best price on the market, even compared to heavyweights such as Binance or Coinbase. That was not only a great way to invite crypto users using other solutions to try ours and discover the qualities of the service, but also an unbeatable offer to recommend to newcomers looking to make their first crypto investments.

In addition to that, we launched a service fee reduction plan for holders of MPS tokens as a way to thank our long time investors, but also as an incentive to make the token attractive for new ones. This program also contributed to accelerate the growth of our activity.

The MPS token has thrived

Our tokenized shares had quite a ride in 2021, reaching an all-time high of $25! The MPS token also became cross-chain, with a launch on the xDai network where it can now be easily exchanged on SushiSwap with transactions of less than a fraction of a cent. As a result of all that activity, there are almost 900 MPS token holders today!

Our partnership with RealT

The fruit of a nice encounter and many discussions, our partnership with US real estate tokenization leader RealT was a great example of the synergies that can be created by two complementary businesses in this sector.

That collaboration led RealT to adopt our asset tokenization platform Bridge Protocol to issue, distribute and manage their tokenized properties, which drove the count of assets tokenized with our technology to a whopping 170 live tokens on Ethereum and xDai! Our work together also led us to implement many improvements to Bridge Protocol, which you can read about here.

A few weeks ago, RealT also started offering our on+off ramp service to their users through their mobile app RealT Wallet.

Jarvis and Mt Pelerin illustration

Jarvis and the jFiat stablecoins

Our other key partnership of 2021 (which was through RealT's introduction, thank you guys!) was our meeting with Jarvis Network. It was pretty much love at first sight: their elegant approach to create highly liquid synthetic stablecoins immediately convinced us that this was what Bridge Wallet needed to set the base for our vision of a decentralized crypto-fiat account.

Other elements like the full reserve aspect and a payment card are not there yet, but the way has been paved: you can seamlessly upload your fiat on your wallet and download them back to your bank account!

This partnership was also key in achieving the numbers above, and it will continue in 2022 with many new things that we have in store for you.

Bridge Wallet became a first-rate multi chain app

We launched so many new things in Bridge Wallet in 2021 that it would be too long to list them all here (you can browse the history on our Telegram announcement channel), but we can cite better bank transfer service through a new partnership with a Swiss bank, as well as the support of many new networks such as Tezos, Polygon, BNB Chain, xDai, Avalanche, Fantom, and of course just recently the Ethereum layer 2 networks Arbitrum and Optimism. Thanks to all those new features, Bridge Wallet is now a full-fledged multi chain app and a unique tool to easily invest and cash out funds directly on all those networks.

Educational series

In order to provide new users with all the necessary information to get started on the right foot in the world of cryptocurrencies, we have started an educational series on our blog with in-depth articles that detail key aspects of the blockchain world.

Each article takes a lot of time to prepare and we don't publish them as fast as we'd like, but we prioritize the quality and comprehensiveness of the content over speed. Many more chapters to come in 2022! If you have never read them, check it out here.

New team members

We were super happy to welcome new people in the team last year, including Sébastien Moret as new head of legal and board member, Sylvain Grisel in our operations team, Alexander de Reuter as customer support and German community mod, and finally Pierre-Noël Formigé as new advisor.

Bug bounty program

We're sometimes criticized for Bridge Wallet not being open source, posing this way a problem of lack of transparency regarding the app's security. That's absolutely correct, and we plan to make Bridge Wallet open source at some point when the timing will be right for us.

Until then, we have launched in 2021 a bug bounty program in partnership with Immunefi that generously rewards hackers who identify and report security issues in Bridge Wallet. Thanks to that program and to our internal efforts to monitor and anticipate any potential breach, we have been able to continuously improve the app up to a high level of security today.


Last but not least, our website – our window to the world – underwent many transformations, additions and improvements including an Italian and a Spanish version. The results were more than satisfying: we totaled more than 50 million views on Google and other search engines, and more than 1 million unique visits from all over the world!

2022 outlook

We have now set very solid foundations to keep building our crypto-fiat financial services, probably the best ones out there to establish something meaningful and durable over time.

As most of you know already, our key focus this year will be to work on personal IBAN numbers, cards, and instant payment solutions to bring you a truly universal account to manage all your money with as little distinction between fiat and crypto as possible.

We are also working on many other amazing things about which we don't want to talk too much at this stage, but be sure that we work double time to bring you the most exceptional experience of the account of tomorrow!