Alternative Access to Capital

Getting your business successfully financed can be particularly daunting, with your bank advisor usually being your only interlocutor.

We want to change that and create a decentralized access to capital that connects you directly with investors.

At Mt Pelerin, you will be able to issue digital securities easily and offer them to a large audience of investors.




Real Estate



Enter Tokenized Securities

On Mt Pelerin's platform, you will enjoy the same tools that big corporations use on stock exchanges to finance themselves, without the heavy costs and complexity.

All thanks to tokenization: a way to digitalize a financial instrument and make it easier, faster and cheaper to distribute and trade.

With tokenized securities, you can fine-tune and sell instruments like equity or debt in a few clicks. All the legal, compliance, financial and technical aspects are built in and automated on the Mt Pelerin platform.

The Benefits of Tokenized Securities

All-In-One Digital Security Platform

For the funding needs of your business, Mt Pelerin will be a fully integrated platform for the different stages of your digital securities' lifecycle:


Structure and issue securities according to legal templates, with full control over the parameters of their lifecycle.


With a global pool of customers, Mt Pelerin will be a powerful distribution tool to market your fundraising.


After the initial sale, investors will directly be able to trade your securities on our integrated trading platform.

Lifecycle Management

Cap table, voting, dividend payouts, Mt Pelerin's platform will help you manage the post-trade stages of your securities.

Raise From Multiple Investors

Thanks to the nature of tokenized securities, you will be able to raise funds from various categories of investors at once:

  • Retail investors
  • Professional investors
  • Corporates
  • Financial institutions

Empower Your Community

By involving your existing or future customers with strong instruments like equity, they become true stakeholders in your company and can be turned into your best ambassadors.