Currency converter

This currency converter helps you make conversions between the fiat and crypto currencies that we offer through our crypto-fiat on-ramp and off-ramp services. It provides real-time results with live market exchange rates.

  • Our transfer fees: CHF 0*
  • Our exchange margin: 1.50%
  • Final exchange rate: 1.1636

Enter your phone number and get an SMS with the link to download Bridge Wallet:

* Transfers in currencies other than EUR and CHF may be subject to correspondent bank fees.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies the easy way

With our mobile app Bridge Wallet, you can start buying cryptocurrencies by bank transfer with as little as $1, with the right market rate, a fair and transparent exchange fee, and zero hidden cost.

We also help you cash-out cryptocurrencies in more than 40 fiat currencies sent to your bank account with a bulletproof transfer that your bank won't reject.

BTC to CHF conversion chart

The right exchange rate

When comparing crypto-fiat exchange costs, go beyond comparing the exchange fees only. Check the actual exchange rate that you are getting and how it compares to the market rate, otherwise you may pay hidden costs through an inflated bid-ask spread.

At Mt Pelerin, we always charge a fair exchange fee on the best exchange rate we can get.

Your Swiss partner

Mt Pelerin is a company established in Geneva, Switzerland. We are an authorized financial intermediary since 2018 with a first-rate track record in compliance and diligence. We work with Swiss banks and the best crypto exchanges for our crypto-fiat operations.

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