Digital Onboarding & Compliance Services

Customer account opening is a common source of complexity and costs. With Mt Pelerin, switch to digital easily with a seamless and efficient solution. Entrust your onboarding process and compliance to a true specialist, and free up your resources to deliver your core competencies to your clients.

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Five-Star Experience

Give the best experience to your customers with a modern and user-friendly mobile application that will guide them through your account opening process.

Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution

We can provide a full management of the project to integrate our solutions into your existing infrastructure.

Full KYC/AML Compliance Service

Full KYC/AML Compliance Service

For all the accounts opened on your behalf, we provide a comprehensive compliance file formatted for your auditors. This file provides detailed documentation on:

Mt Pelerin Advantages

Why Mt Pelerin?

We have successful, real-world applications in our background, and we have the agility required to deliver the best solution adapted to your company.


Standard KYC/AML

From $5 to $55 per client

  • Price depends on KYC/AML thresholds
  • Zero upfront fees
  • Only successful KYC are charged

White Label App

On Request

  • Supports Android and iOS
  • Branded with your corporate identity
  • Customizable features