Mt Pelerin Fintech System

Open Source Fintech Software

Because we didn't want to be limited by outdated legacy softwares, we are developing in-house our own a future-proof software to manage accounts, payments and connections to financial infrastructure.

Based on a modular design, this open source technology is an ideal solution for Fintechs and financial institutions active in digital innovation.

Mt Pelerin Fintech as a Service

Fintech as a Service

Controlling and reducing middle / back office costs are key concerns for banks and Fintechs alike.

Thanks to our automation technologies, we can help you turn these cost centers into opportunities by delegating IT and compliance processing tasks on an on-demand basis.

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The Open Source Compliant Tokenization Standard

Mt Pelerin Bridge is the open source tokenization technology for the compliant issuance, trading and lifecycle management of digital securities.

Developed in Switzerland according to the CMTA's standard, it is designed for the institutional-grade management of compliance on public blockchains.

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Quantum Vault Digital Asset Custody

Quantum Vault Digital Asset Custody

Mt Pelerin has partnered with ID Quantique, the global leader of quantum-safe cryptographic systems, to develop the Quantum Vault: an ultra secure crypto custody solution for financial institutions.

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Digital Onboarding

Onboarding clients with paper forms? Switch to our field-proven digital onboarding solution, reduce your costs, scale your business and delight your customers.

Digital Onboarding Services