Seed Round

To raise the initial funding necessary to develop Mt Pelerin, we invite you to become a shareholder of Mt Pelerin Group SA, which will hold the bank of the future.

To make this possible, Mt Pelerin Group SA is the first company in the world to tokenize its shares and sell tokens that are recognized as shares and provide legal protection conferred by Swiss law, including full voting and dividend rights for registered token holders. It is why we have named our token MPS for Mt Pelerin Shares.

Also, the investment of our first believers means a lot to us, which is why our equity structure is designed to protect you from any dilution in case of a second round of funding.

Dilution should be avoided by Smart Execution SA selling its own Mt Pelerin Group SA shares. The proceeds of this sale should then be fully contributed to Mt Pelerin Group SA. Hence the number of MPS tokens in circulation should remain unchanged.