The Safest Account in the World

Mt Pelerin will be the safest place for your money, simply because we won't lend your money to others.

Everything you deposit on your account will stay in the vault at all times, in full transparency and in the safest country in the world.

Free Multi-Currency Swiss Digital Account

At Mt Pelerin, you will get a Swiss digital account that is 100% free and fully transparent:

You will be able to deposit and manage the most commonly used currencies plus Bitcoin and Ether, with a dedicated IBAN for each one of them.

Open Remotely in Minutes

Wherever you are in the world, opening a Mt Pelerin account will be a matter of minutes on your phone or on your computer.

Mt Pelerin Multi-Currency Debit Card

Multi-Currency Debit Card

The Mt Pelerin debit card will also be multi-currency and will give you full control over your account's currencies.

A currency marketplace will ensure that you always get the best exchange deal possible, with a transparent fee that will be at least 20 times cheaper than your average bank.

Of course, it will pack all of today's must-have features: virtual card numbers, geo-lock, card freeze and online payment approvals.

Crypto-Fiat Trading

A currency marketplace will connect you with multiple liquidity providers, straight from your account.

It will let you seamlessly trade fiat and crypto currencies with market/limit orders, futures and derivatives.

All under the safe umbrella of an institution regulated in Switzerland.

The Search Engine of Finance

A personal finance marketplace will aggregate for you multiple loans, mortgages and other financial products from other banks.

Finding the best offer for your needs will finally be a breeze.

Personalized Credit

If you still don't find what you want, you will be able to issue loan requests with your ideal conditions (amount, interest rate, term, etc.).

Our market making technology will take care of the rest and find the funds from the investors present on our marketplace.

Enter Crowdinvesting

At Mt Pelerin, you will have the unique opportunity to participate to both sides of the market. You will not only be able to borrow money from the crowd, but also to invest directly in people and businesses.

New Asset Classes

By financing people and SMEs, you will get access to a whole new world of investments that were the preserve of bankers.

Get Higher Returns

By bypassing traditional circuits, you will access higher returns on investment than traditional savings products.

Impact Investing

Browse and filter investments according to your preferences, and place your money where you want it to have an impact.

Invest Any Amount

You will be able to make an investment with any amount you want. No financial entry barrier.

Sell Anytime

If you need your money back, you will be able to sell an investment in full or in part at any time on our marketplace.

Automated Repayments

Loan repayments, dividends and other interests will all be automatically managed and paid on your account.

Curated Investments

Only deals that will have passed a thorough vetting process by our staff will be proposed and open to investment.

Investor Protection

All deals will be backed by sale agreements providing all the investor protection measures offered by Swiss law.