The roadmap below gives an overview of the entire timeline of the development of Mt Pelerin, including past milestones and upcoming goals.

All future dates are estimations and do not represent commitments from Mt Pelerin. Updates of this roadmap will be issued if estimations are reevaluated.

Q3 2016


Q4 2016

Proof of concept with a Swiss bank

Regulation and compliance work start

Q1 2018

FINMA presentation of the project

Q3 2019

Collecting pledges for min. capital

Wallet added to mobile app

Interface v1

Q4 2019

IT & process external audit

Back end release candidate

Q1 2020

Target launch with fiat accounts, cards and FX

Q2 2020

Trade finance marketplace

Crypto accounts, cards and FX

Q4 2020

Personal finance marketplace

Q2 2021

Corporate finance marketplace

Q4 2021

Savings and funds marketplace

Q2 2022

Real estate marketplace


De facto correspondent bank for major cryptocurrencies and other crypto-assets