Tokenization Services

Compliance First Technology

Mt Pelerin is the Swiss leader in compliant security tokenization technology and the application of the blockchain to the banking and financial industry.

Tokenize Any Type of Security




Real Estate


With the Most Advanced Compliance Technology

Cross-Asset Compliance

Enforce and monitor compliance rules across tokens and persons.

Life Cycle Management

Manage each token's regulatory and contractual rights and obligations over its entire life.

Dynamic Rule Engine

Fine-tune and adjuste your token's behavior with flexible and editable rules.

Blockchain Agnostic

Mt Pelerin's framework can be deployed on any EVM compatible blockchain.

Primary and Secondary Markets

Maintain compliance from initial sale to exchange trading around the world.

Open Source Technology

Mt Pelerin's framework is open source and available for all to use and enrich.

Mt Pelerin Compliant Tokenization Ecosystem Diagram

Mt Pelerin Compliant Tokenization Ecosystem Diagram

The Benefits of Tokenized Securities

Our Expertise

Advanced Technical Implementation

Mt Pelerin has the finest technology to define, issue and manage the tokenized securities calibrated for your business needs.

Business and Compliance Definition

With a unique background covering business, finance and regulation, Mt Pelerin can manage the end-to-end definition of your tokenization project.

Legal Structure

We can help prepare and establish the right legal structures for your tokenization project, such as SPV/SPE and feeders.

Legal Framwork

We can assist your organization in the design of the optimal legal framework for the primary and secondary markets of your tokenized securities.