Mt Pelerin Token Forge

Token Forge

Welcome to the self-service platform where you can create your own equity token and token sales on the Mt Pelerin Bridge ecosystem.

Create Your Token

Alpha Version

Please note that this software is an alpha version and is for testing purpose only. You are solely responsible for the use you make of it and Mt Pelerin cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or harm of any kind that may result.

Create Tokenized Shares

Define, issue and deploy your own share token on the most advanced compliant tokenization framework.

Other types of tokens (bonds, utility, currencies) coming soon!

Mt Pelerin Token Forge Share Token Issuance

Secure Issuance

Don't compromise your private key and connect to the Token Forge with your hardware wallet.

Mt Pelerin Token Forge Secure Connection

Create and Manage Compliance Rules

Make sure your token complies with its relevant regulation with the easy configuration of transferability restriction rules that you can attach to your tokens.

Mt Pelerin Token Forge Rules

Create Lots

You can split the total supply of a token into several lots that can be reserved for specific uses: locked tokens, batches for different resellers, etc.

Mt Pelerin Token Forge Lots

Token Sales

Configure and create token sales with multiple lots, for example in the case of public sale, private sale, multiple sellers, etc.

Mt Pelerin Token Forge Sale

Price Oracle

Source the exchange rate for various currency pairs from external providers, or define the rates yourself.

Mt Pelerin Token Forge Price Oracle

KYC Operators

Configure one or several KYC operators who can identify the contributors coming from their jurisdictions and manage their KYC/AML limits.

Mt Pelerin Token Forge KYC Operators

We Need Your Feedback!

Take an active role in building your ideal tokenized ecosystem by sharing your ideas, suggestions and feedback on our community forum.

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