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The jEUR stablecoin is a highly liquid synthetic Euro that can be swapped at the market rate with other cryptos on Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain. Its price is maintained via a peg mechanism with the USDC. It is created on Synthereum, the DeFi Forex protocol by Jarvis Network.

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What is the jEUR?

The jEUR is what is called a synthetic fiat currency, meaning that it is not anchored to an off-chain fiat reserve. Instead, it tracks the price of the Euro against the price of the US dollar via a peg mechanism with USDC, one of the biggest and most trusted USD stablecoin on the market.

What is it for?

By being linked to the USDC and redeemable with it, the jEUR directly benefits from its vast liquidity and deep integration within the ecosystem. The jEUR can therefore be used for any type of volatility-free payment or trading operations on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

How is it created?

The jEUR is issued and can be exchanged on Synthereum, the on-chain Forex protocol developed by Jarvis Network.

It can be issued by a borrowing mechanism, where anyone can deposit USDC in the protocol and receive 75% of the deposit's value in jEUR. The liquidity provider receives in reward 50% of trading fees generated on Jarvis, as well as UMA tokens.

Where can it be exchanged?

Bridge Wallet lets you buy jEUR by bank transfer, and withdraw it in 14 fiat currencies back on your bank account. More info here.

It can be freely exchanged on or on for other jFiats, USDC and other cryptos without any slippage, using Chainlink's price feeds.

Available on multiple chains

You can buy and cash out jCHF with our service directly on the following networks:

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